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Caring for your Air Conditioning unit

Air conditioning maintenance is always based on individual use, but in general you should check filters once a fortnight and replace the batteries in your remote control (where applicable) once a year. At the same time check the outdoor unit is clear of leaves, shrubs or dirt build up. To clean, simply brush or hose the outdoor coil. Please read the filter section below for more information.


The primary purpose of filters is to protect the indoor coil from dust build up which could reduce the overall performance of the air conditioner. It is important to regularly check and clean your filter. The majority of service calls are due to a dirty or blocked filter and in most cases a service fee is charged even if the air conditioner is under warranty.

Most air conditioners in the split range now have a specially treated additional filter that traps fine pollens etc which greatly helps people suffering from allergies.

Air conditioning maintenance is just one simple fortnightly operation. Because the air filter in any air conditioner screens out dust and pollen particles, it should be removed regularly and washed. This simple operation is covered in the individual unit's instruction manual.

All filters have a limited life span and will need replacing as over time they lose their dust holding capabilities. We recommend replacing the filter in a ducted system yearly and in a split system every two years.

Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Peninsula Air Conditioning provides air conditioning service and maintenance for all air conditioning systems they have installed. We also offer this service for Daikin air conditioning systems that were installed by others.
Airconditioning General Service

It is recommended that your air conditioning system is maintained on a regular basis, whether it be a split air conditioner, multi split air conditioner or ducted air conditioner. We recommend your air conditioning system is serviced at least once a year, depending upon the environmental conditions at your location. However, a service prior to the summer and winter season would ensure your air conditioning system would be in top working order for the times you need it most.

If we have recently installed your air conditioning system, we will contact you approximately 1 year after installation for your first General Service unless you have requested otherwise.

An airconditioning service takes approximate half an hour to an hour.

For Split Air Conditioning Systems, we will...

Clean filters

Check gas levels

Check running pressures

Check condensate drains

Check heating, cooling and all other functions are working properly

Check air flow

Check electrical connections

Check general condition of indoor and outdoor units

Check nothing is obstructing outdoor fan

For Ducted Air Conditioning , we will...

Clean filters

Check gas levels

Check condensate drains

Check operation of indoor fan motors

Check operation of compressors and condenser fans

Check operating pressures

Inspect condition of condenser coils

Inspect electrical components

Check time clock setting

Check operation of damper motors

Check vee belts and adjust tension as required

Please note: all of the above may not be required - it depends upon type of system installed.

Contact us to arrange for a General Air conditioning Service on your system.

If your air conditioning system is not working as it should, arrange for a technician to visit.

Contact us for prices for General Services and Diagnostic Call outs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

We also offer maintenance contracts for regular air conditioning service and maintenance for various workplaces. Our current maintenance contracts include schools, offices, shops and hospitals; they range from every month to every six months, depending upon environment and usage. Remember, discount rates on call out and labour charges apply for maintenance contracts taken up with us.

If you are interested in setting up an air conditioning maintenance contract with us, please contact us to arrange for our technician to visit and assess your requirements.

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