Dunham Bush Air Conditioners



Comfort is the number one issue in any building. Dunham-Bush provides a wide array of chillers and unitary cooling equipment for commercial and residential buildings. We'll put together an appropriate package that delivers the comfort building occupants expect and the efficiency you demand.

Advanced compressors, ultra-quiet packaged chillers, efficient ice thermal storage, wall mount and ceiling exposed split air conditioners, new-age air handling equipment and architecturally oriented heating equipment. Dunham-Bush equipment plays a pivotal role in manufacturing comfortable living and working environments in new building construction and in renovating existing structures.

Our commitment to custom solutions has been solid for over 100 years. We believe the appropriate solution takes more than great products. It takes a team of people who are focused on your requirements. Wherever you are, there's a Dunham-Bush team ready to work with you to meet your specific comfort cooling requirements. We've built our legacy on delivering efficient, reliable and durable equipment that's right for the job. That means no off-the-shelf solutions, just out-of-the-box approaches engineered to not just meet, but go beyond, your performance requirements.

DB Thermocold Split Wall-Mounted Type


Cooling Capacity: 2.64 to 7.1 kW

3 or 4 bend heat exchanger

Trapeziform innergroove copper

Hydrophilic aluminium fins

Directional air vane technology

Anti-rust cabinet

Self-diagnosis and auto-protection function

Quiet operation

Valve protection cover

Easy-cleaned panel

Auto-restart function

8.8 kW Cooling Capacity also available


Cassette Split Type


Cooling Capacity: 2.6 to 17.0 kW

Stylish design and fully programmable

Height of indoor unit is only 235 - 300mm, suitable for low-ceiling installation

4-way airflow outlets, wide range of air distribution

Super low noise operation wiht 3-dimensional screw fan

Water-full alarm and auto-stop, double protection against drainage of condensate

Anti-rust cataphoric treatment

Easy installation and maintenance

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