Electrified Fence Maintanance


E Fence board


Electric Fence Service & Issuing of Compliansy Certificate for only R 690.00 (service of working electric fence)

This includes:

- Call out and up to 45 minutes of labour on the fence. (This will be more than enough to do general maintenance on an electric fence.

- Inspecting Fence & Issue a Compliance Certificate as specified by law from October 2012 (incase any upgrades has to be done, a quotation will be given to the client before hand.)

- Checking voltage on the fence at various points.

- Tightening electric fence wires where necessary.

- Check that no growth is touching the fence.

- Identify week point in the fence.

- The above mentioned price excludes parts IF required.

Electric Fence Maintanance

The funny thing with electric fence's is that everyone expects it keep going for years down the line, no service, no checks.. but its expected to protect possibly your life!

Electric Fence maintenance is a must!

Do yourself a favour and go around and clear all vegetation as far back as you can as this really saps the energy once the rains come - even to the point it renders it useless.

Minor arcing when its raining, not to serious or to worry about. Large arcing, loud and big visible spark you might want to attend to.

Check that the earth spikes are still connected - the mower, dogs, kids, rust etc often damage the ground spike cables and with no ground spikes, you basically have a half effective electric fence!

If you can, when theres lightning, unplug it for a while - same as you would do for your TV (which by the way doesn't do to much for your life but still gets looked after more!).

Battery should keep you going a few hours. (dependent on types)

Look after it...it will look after you!

Fencing Installations / Modifications / Upgrades

Our products include, but are not limited to, the following:

•Electric fencing

•Weld mesh fencing, in numerous configurations

•Razor wire

•Barbed wire

Fencing Maintenance

We offer both once off maintenance of electric fences as well as contract maintenance to installed fences, clearing of overgrowth on electrified fences and maintenance of systems.

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