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Unique Air & Automation in Cape Town can automate and supply any type of garage door :

Unique Air and Automation makes it easy for you to make a choice for your new or replacement garage door. We have a great selection, extremely competitive pricing and a sales and service department second to none. Whether you are a builder, remodeler or a homeowner; we can help you make the right decision on your garage door selection and make the process of choosing a new or replacement garage door smooth and problem free.

Unique Air & Automation in Cape Town can automate and supply any type of garage door : wooden Meranti doors, steel garage doors, and Chromadek Roll-up Garage Doors.

A sectional type garage door is made up of horizontal sections which are hinged together. The door is guided by tracks which allow the door to slide up and over until it lies on a level attitude when in the open position. The garage door have both vertical and horizontal guide tracks.



Opens up the whole garage door opening (for larger vehicles)

Seals your opening much tighter (keeping unwanted dust

and rain out)

You can park your car straight onto your garage door (whereas

with the tip up you have to allow + 1/2 meter opening space for

the door), suitable for short drive-ins.

Product Range:

Aluzinc Garage Doors

Aluzinc (55% Aluminum & 45 % Zinc) Aluzinc garage doors are manufactured locally out of Aluzinc steel, Aluzinc garage doors are more rust resistant than galvanized steel doors and therefore also ideally suited for coastal conditions.

Available in wood grain finishing. Colours: White, brown, Bronze and Charcoal. Can also be powder coated to any other colour.
Available in single & double doors, Tip up and Sectional Overhead garage doors.

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Double lipped intermediate struts allow for double the glued surface. Larger glue surfaces, which consist of a polyurethane high modulus glue, has proven to be the best in adhering metal to metal, ensuring a 50% stronger bond.
This side view of the pinch prevention patented panels, indicates the design innovation that will protect you and and your family from serious finger or hand injuries. Together with this unique safety feature, it also has a higher than normal overlapping joint which seals each panel into the next. This prevents dust and rain penetration into the building.
The boxes end caps being fixed on both sides stabilizes the panel, preventing flexing and allows for stronger and more secure fixing of hinges and other hardware. Properly fixed hinges ensure a smoother and quieter functioning door.

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