Garage Door/Motor Maintanance

Garage Door/ Motor Maintanance

If you need garage door repair we are here to help.

The most common problems many homeowners experience with their door is broken springs, opener repair and doors off track. No matter what your repair need is Unique Air & Automation can help you with that.

The most common garage door repair requested is spring replacement and repair. The garage door spring is the single most important and the most dangerous component on your garage door. There are typically two types of garage door springs - torsion springs and extension springs. The most common type you will see is the torsion spring.

The spring does all of the work in lifting your door. Many people believe that the opener does the work but that is simply not true. The entire weight of the garage door is lifted by the spring. Most of the time when you have a broken spring you will know it. In most cases the opener will not lift a door with a broken spring. Repairs like spring replacement are best left up to the professional.

This is only a couple of problems you may experience with your garage door requiring repair. If you think you can do these jobs yourself contact us and we will sell you the parts. We fix garage doors every day. Our technicians are experienced and safe. Contact us today for you repair needs including spring replacement, opener repair and doors off track.

Unique Air & Automation offers professional garage door repairs in the Cape Town region.

We are here to help with professional garage door repairs and affordable pricing. Call us today.

Garage door service for only R 650.00

This includes:

- This includes labour but excluding parts if necessary.

- We will make sure the tension on the springs is still enough.

- Tighten all wood screws on the door, they do loosen in time.

- Lubricate moving parts where necessary.

- Lubricate garage door motor where necessary.

Garage Door Opener Maintenance

•Inspect mounting brackets, cables, fasteners, etc.

•Replace bent or broken parts

•Tighten loose bolts or screws

•Lubricate chain or screw drive

•Perform safety reversing test

Lay a 2X4 on the floor under the door

Operate door opener - door should reverse when it comes in contact with the obstruction (the 2X4)

If it does not reverse, have your door opener adjusted.

If you try this yourself, follow manufacturers directions precisely.

Improperly adjusted doors can be very dangerous to small children and pets

•If your garage door opener is equipped with a photoelectric beam, placing an obstruction between the sensors should prevent the door closing

Clean the lenses

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