Samsung Air Conditioners

Samsung Max Air Conditioners Spring Specials

  • 9000BTU  (16 sqm)   =   R6 290
  • 12000BTU (22 sqm)  =   R6 990
  • 18000BTU (32 sqm)  =  R10 390
  • 24000BTU (42 sqm)  =   R11990


Samsung Max (R410 non inverter) Air Conditioners Spring Specials

  • 9000BTU  (16 sqm)   =   R6890
  • 12000BTU (22 sqm)  =   R7250
  • 18000BTU (32 sqm)  =  R10 590
  • 24000BTU (42 sqm)  =   R12 190

Note: All prices include  back to back installation and VAT! (Valid while stocks last)Contact is for prices on the Inverter range.

* For sizes 18000BTU & up, an electrical point will be needed which is connected to your distribution board. We will gladly do it for you at an additional cost of R890 per point.

Contact us for prises on the Samsung Max inverter(R410 gas) and Emura silver finish range.

Running Costs:

  • 9000BTU = R0.45/hour
  • 12000BTU = R0.54/hour
  • 18000BTU = R0.87/hour
  • 24000BTU = R1.24/hour
  • 30000BTU = R1.58/hour

BTU Required 
The rule of thumb is that you take the total square meters that you require to be heated or cooled and multiply this by 600, this will give the total BTU's required.

Back to back means up to 1 meter pipe run. If more then 1 meter we will add R150 per meter for extra pipe. Truncking will be an extra R150 for 2 meters.


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