Garage Door and Opener Tips

Your opener won't work well unless the door is properly adjusted and maintained.

•Start with a visual inspection of all brackets, hinges, fasteners, springs and door tracks.

•If rollers are worn, they should be replaced.

•Bent brackets should be straightened or replaced.

•Make sure all bolts and screws are properly tightened.

•Oil hinges and rollers, but not the tracks.

Do not oil plastic rollers.

Oil on the tracks will cause dirt accumulation.

Use a silicone spray oil.

•Spray springs with WD-40

•If tracks have a buildup of dirt or oil/grease, clean with disc brake cleaner.

To check spring adjustment, make sure the door is fully closed, then pull the release cord or chain to release door from opener.

If the garage door opener is released with the door open, there is the danger that the door will fall. Doors are heavy and a falling door can cause serious injury and damage.

With the operator disconnected, open door halfway. When released, the door should not move more than an inch or two. If it does, springs require adjustment or replacement.

If springs need adjustment, follow manufacturers instructions precisely. Torsion springs should only be adjusted by a professional. Torsion springs are mounted above the door and are very dangerous.

Extension springs should only be adjusted when the door is fully opened to release tension on the springs. Also keep in mind that the bottom spring brackets are under extreme tension when the door is closed, so don't attempt to tighten, or especially loosen these brackets, with the door less than fully open.

If springs need replaced, replace both. Replacing only one spring will cause an improperly operating door.

The door should open and close easily and smoothly.

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